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Jan 1, 2010 10:00am EST
the environment now. >> there are some pretty compelling concerns. there is the copenhagen accord. people are wondering what this is. there is an agreement but it is not legally binding. >> it is important. an important step forward. it certainly is not all we were seeking. it is not yet a legally binding accord. that is where we hope this will eventually go. there are some important steps forward. all of the countries are recognizing this is a problem. we had a big battle until very recently. they were denying that had anything to do about their emissions. we have been asking about this for about four years. everybody is now incorrect i think the objectives are not going to satisfy all of the environmental groups. if countries hole to these objectives, they will make meaningful progress. >> canada was getting beating ten up about this. >> these are the environmental groups that have always attacked our governments and others and they are unhappy with the accords. governments have to balance progress with growth. these are not easy questions. we have a position that is held, but all count
Jan 4, 2010 5:00pm EST
in copenhagen where you saw president obama having to wrestle with all these tensions. can you imagine the nerve it took to walk into closed-door sessions as the president blowing at diplomatic protocol, wrenching the copenhagen assembly out of its original approach and into something new and doing this not knowing if it was going to work. in the article, i wrote about an important moment for president obama and he would get to this one way or another. this would be in the summer of 1864 near the end of president lincoln's first term. he reelection campaign is going and it is not going well. in fact, he in of the political experts in the country think he is going to lose. furthermore they think he is going to lose to general mcclellan who will not pursue lankan score policies in the civil war. lincoln, at that point, is living with the idea that he said hundreds of thousands of young men to their deaths for a failed war. he will be known as the president to failed to hold the union together. he is getting up every morning with that knowledge, living with a wife who was, frankly at times, psychot
Jan 4, 2010 12:00pm EST
briefly about it in copenhagen. i am worried about the bigger picture. the buy america provisions have cause some disruption. but the back -- the vast majority of our trade with united states is still your intent free beer the real problem is when you see country -- not just the united states -- using a stimulus package to bring in protectionist measures. we all know that what the biggest danger to the global recovery is the spread of protectionism. it has been global trade that has driven growth over the past generation. we would like to see that sustain going forward. we took the very opposite approach. we not only did not put any protectionist members -- measures but repeal -- repeal the number of terrorists in order to stimulate economic activity both here and abroad. that -- repeal of a number of terror acariffs in order to stie economic activity both here and abroad. >> that in many other topics still to come. >> mr. harper, please do something about the environment now. >> is also compelling concerns there about the environment, prime minister. there is a copenhagen accord, but
Jan 21, 2010 5:00pm EST
. >> for the president still believes he can get something passed very similar to go yes. could the copenhagen entourage. have you been able to find anything out on the number of administrative officials. how many and the administration went and you have any idea what the cost was? >> ben is working on finding out information for you. the president and members of his cabinet that deal with clean energy issues and creating a clean energy economy travelled to copenhagen. as many of you are aware, the president himself was on the ground less than 24 hours. we did not spend the night. a very small number of white house staff were on the ground prior to get him -- prior to him getting there. >> congress had more than 100 people there. they had more than 300 hotel nights. it took three large government planes to get them there plus a lot of other people flew commercial. this cost even enter the equation on something, and let me add to that, but there is evidence that there was a much larger contingent from the administration, more than 100. >> ben is on -- ben is working on information for you on that. i will
Jan 22, 2010 1:00pm EST
, of course, to various parties such as the u.n. human rights council and the copenhagen climate change conference which demonstrated spectacularly the fatuousness of such international structures, the lack of common purpose, interest, and governance. yet, the failure of these international institutions and paper agreements seems to leave no lasting impression. did we really learn nothing from the early 20th century experience? did we really learn nothing from the kellogg pact whose signatories included germany and japan that abolished war forever? it won kellogg the peace prize in 1929. sound familiar? at least he got it for an actually signed useless treaty. obama got it for the imagined it useless treaty's most notably the one he has been insisting on for universal nuclear disarmament. the deaths of obama's 98 internationalism can be seen in his pursuit of this deeply and serious blow. this occurred on september 24th, one day after his speech to the general assembly when he asked -- when he ostentatiously presided over the security council, the first time an american president has ev
Jan 25, 2010 12:00pm EST
ahead. caller: are you aware of the president's -- the brazilian president's speech in copenhagen where he said, the problem is the white people in the world. the second question is there is a country -- a company in brazil that is an offshore drilling company that in june, the obama administration gave a $15 billion loan to and i think is quite ironic that in february, george soros bought majority shares in that company. effectively, this administration has paid back george soros for getting elected with taxpayer funds. guest: i do not know anything about the second issue, but i can comment on the first. the brazilian president is a colorful, charismatic leader. then he has been for some to, to a half years. very annoyed that they have had to do things that the united states and europe-not have to do. and he has -- have not had to do. and he has been very open about saying that they have not had to do things that they've had to do in developing countries. host: salt lake city, democratic cruller. caller: we have -- and democratic collar. host: we have more natural gas than any of the c
Jan 19, 2010 1:00pm EST
billion commitment to a host of humanitarian and reconstruction efforts. in copenhagen, it was japan and the prime minister that provided the most generous support for efforts in the developing world to deal with the adaptations that climate change will bring to the disadvantaged. -- and we have seen japanese support to haiti, communicated directly to the secretary when we were in hawaii. i think overall we've seen indications of this new government -- and we believe it will be critical in the coming months to make sure that our two governments are working closely together. you but clearly our issues that require more work and more consultation and from the u.s. government perspective, we're prepared to work with our japanese interlocketters. we've outlined what's our best way forward with the r.f.r. plan, and we expect those consultations with our senior japanese interlocketters will be continuing. i'll be leading a delegation to japan in about two weeks' time where we will continue those discussions going forward. i think the secretary and the prime minister wants to use next year
Jan 20, 2010 10:00am EST
and pass a clean energy bill. and those who think that we should do nothing because copenhagen didn't reach an agreement, i'll tell you what, the chinese are not waiting. they are building solar plants. they are building electric lithium ion batteries. they are building new energy efficient windows. the u.s. senate needs to join us and create a job energy creating engine and pass the energy bill. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from texas rise? >> i ask unanimous consent to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for one minute. mr. johnson: thank you. thank you, mr. speaker. many of my colleagues in the house are ignoring the american people. our constituents are holding rallies, posting blogs, talking with their neighbors, writing to their congressman and doing everything in their power to get them to listen. the american people are telling us loud and clear, they don't want a government takeover of health care. listen to them. massachusetts did. americans want, need and deserve better than a budget busting trilli
Jan 5, 2010 1:00pm EST
of various nations, economic summits and recently that climate change summit in copenhagen. any thoughts that having some sort of anti-terrorism summit in the near future? guest: there have been some speculation on that front. the u.k. -- sometime summits, as a result of leaders who are in trouble. someone in europe might decide to host a summit like that to be able to bring all of these leaders and show that they are doing something. host: our last call comes from taxes, and james on our line for republicans. caller: i am wondering why we're so concerned about the traffic. i will go to latin america or canada and come in to really do damage. i can't believe they don't do something about our borders before the start of this crap about the air traffic. another thing, why you having so many democrats calling in today? i have watched you for years. usually are pretty well balanced. host: sir? guest: i think the caller is pointing to our government not thinking of the box. it is a good question as to whether people can arrive from other places. i have not been any attacks coming from the sou
Jan 1, 2010 1:00pm EST
of this phase i really enjoyed drawing. he is back in the news now with the copenhagen accord. this is al gore. he has this very distinctive shape to his head a kind of goes one line like this, and then the other line like this. that is where you start with al gore. then you give them this hair, very reagan-esque hair that goes like this. he has the years a spot from star trek. -- the years of spock -- the ears of spock. he has kind of an elvis-like mouth that goes like this. already, you can start to see it is beginning to look like him a little bit, right? but the keep it is people often say he lost the 2000 election because of florida. a few hundred votes in florida. i say that was not it. he lost the election because he has the eyes of death. that is al gore for you. what do you think? am i right? yes, that is al gore. it does not help with this mole sticking out of his neck right there. so i will sign this one here. here you go. for you. let's get another character with a distinctive bass. john kerry. long face, right? here is the face. the face starts of here. long face. long face. long
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10